Camp Italia Retreat

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These are emotional times for all 2020/2021 summer camps around the world. As a executive decision made by the board of directors for CIR to cancel the 2020/2021 camp sessions. We are hopeful and excited to be back for the 2022 July summer Sessions. Getting ready for 2022 summer camp. We encourage you to sign up today for the 2022 day camp as our camp is small with limited space.

We are also continuing with additional expanded mission to bring the community exclusive female role models and opportunities for the children in 2018. CIR is part of the United Women Soccer (UWS League 1.) This team consists of college and college graduates ages from 18 to 33.
Most recently in 2021 CIR aquired membership in the UWS League 2 Development team. The ages range from 16 years of age and older. Both soccer teams are called Worcester Smiles FC.

What happens at CIR? The summer camp practices some Italian & American traditions with physical activities suh as soccer, tennis, walking trails and more in the mornings. In the afternoons mind exercises involve summer reading lists support with visits to local museums within New England.

Who goes to CIR? The camp is open to children between the ages of 7-17.

When does CIR run? The camp is run for two weeks in July. The 2nd and 3rd week in Worcester County.

We are now accepting applications.

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